<aside> đź’ˇ We are looking for a Founding Consultant for an impact focused management consulting service for EA organizations


If you are ambitious and driven, keen to grow and learn in a start-up environment, willing to think deeply and independently about challenges and have at least one year of experience at a leading strategy consulting firm, then you might be a perfect fit as Founding Consultant for cFactual. cFactual is a newly founded management consulting service which aims to maximize its own impact by providing truth-seeking consulting services to effective altruism (-adjacent) organizations and updating our approaches and offerings as we learn more.

For more details about the role, why it’s impactful and how to tell if you’re a good fit please read below.

ABOUT cFactual


cFactual’s mission is to partner with organizations to deliver projects with high expected counterfactual impact at the highest quality while bringing together exceptional talent that aims to see the world factually. We are planning to start with 3 services: (1) KPI set-up and review, (2) Short-term analytical and executional support, and (3) Project exploration and execution. cFactual went through 4 months of piloting (12+ months of exploration) and recently received funding to hire up to 3 staff. We already ran projects for all three services for organizations like CEA and GovAI. We have 20+ projects in our pipeline, which we currently cannot serve due to limited capacity and are looking to create a strong founding team to build a successful organization.

Founder - Jona Glade

Jona Glade is currently working with several EA organizations (CEA, GovAI) as a consultant or pro-bono advisor. He has also served the EA community by providing feedback on grants to the Effective Altruism Infrastructure fund, as board member of EA Germany and giving in-depth career advice for 80,000 hours. Previously Jona was a consultant for BCG for 3 years, and founded and scaled the Effective Altruism Consulting Network, which now has over 400 consultants interested in EA.


We are currently working with four other consulting agencies to build the organization and deliver projects. Several consultants, worked (or are working) for cFactual on client projects as contractors/volunteers (often combined with doing their studies or career exploration) e.g. Max Negele (BCG), Anneke Pogarell (BCG), Karen Leven (independent consultant), Nils Voelker (Accenture), Callum Calvert (Ex-Founders Pledge) and Sarah Pomeranz (Accenture). Some consultants we are working with prefer not to be mentioned and some of them are exploring joining cFactual as full time staff.


As part of a startup the Founding Consultant role will be entrepreneurial and strategic in nature as successful candidates will not only be responsible for delivering excellent client work but will also contribute to cFactual’s internal strategy setting and operations.

Tasks and responsibilities